Godwit Days 2014

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The 19th Annual Godwit Days Spring Migration Bird Festival will celebrate the lovely marbled godwit. The event features field trips, workshops, boat excursions and lectures. Included in the schedule are a number activities aimed directly at kids, including kids birding trips and interesting interactive presentations.
For more information visit www.godwitdays.org.

Date: 16-22 April 2014
Location: Arcata, California, United States of America

Olympic BirdFest 2014

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The 11th Olympic BirdFest offers a variety of brilliant events for birders and their families to enjoy. This includes birding tours to lovely locations along the Olympic Peninsula. Visit the Endangered Waterfowl Breeding Sanctuary, or take part in the nature photography workshop. A popular event is the owl prowl. Other events on the schedule are bird drawing classes, a silent auction, a boat trip to Protection Island, and a fascinating presentation by Noah Strycker.

Date: 4-6 April 2014
Location: Sequim, Washington, United States of America

Audubon’s Nebraska Crane Festival 2014

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The Audubon’s Nebraska Crane Festival celebrates the arrival of vast numbers of Sandhill Cranes and various waterfowl that have been migrating. Begun in 1971, the festival focuses on education about the environment and wildlife. The 2014 schedule is packed with activities to keep the whole family busy, including birding trips, photography workshops, an historic tour, the Wild Experience Room, a banquet and more. Speakers will include Jen Smith of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (discussing the effects of wind farms on Greater Prairie Chickens), Kent Skagg & Kevin Poague of Audubon Nebraska (with Birding 101), Wayne Mollhoff (talking about the Second Nebraska Breeding Bird Atlas Project), Mary Harner of The Crane Trust (looking at sandhill crane behaviour) and others.

Date: 20-23 March 2014
Location: Kearney, Nebraska, United States of America

Big “O” Birding Festival

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Those attending the Big “O” Birding Festival have an exciting schedule to look forward to, including birding tours, escorted trips, night walks, birding by bicycle and talks by a host of fantastic speakers.Be sure to register early so that you don’t miss out on this great birding event!

Date: 9-13 March 2014
Location: Lake Okeechobee, La Belle, Florida, United States of America

Sun Coast Exotic Bird Fair 2014

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Head for the Sun Coast Exotic Bird Fair and enjoy a family friendly place to shop for your feathered friends. Bring the whole family and buy directly from breeders and bird toys manufactures. Vendors at the fair will offer you great prices on a variety of birds, bird seed, cages, toys, perches, play stands or any other product for your feathered friend.

For Information about the Sun Coast Exotic Fairs fairs call:
Pedro Avila
or e-mail him at

Date: 23 February 2014
Venue: Sahib Shriners, 600 North Beneva Road
City: Sarasota
State: Florida

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