Wings Over the Rockies

February 16, 2011 by  
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The 2011 theme for Wings Over the Rockies is “Celebrating Our Valley, Celebrating the People. As the 15th anniversary the event, it will be honoring nature and the people who created and continue to support the festival. The festival schedule includes about 70 educational events, such as field trips, presentation, river paddles and an art exhibit. This is a thrilling an educational event for anyone interested in birds and the natural heritage of Columbia Valley Wetlands.

Date: 2 to 8 May 2011
Venue: Pynelogs Cultural Centre
City: Invermere
State: British Columbia
Country: Canada

New Subspecies Discovered in Columbia

June 18, 2008 by  
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The more than 100 kilometer long Serrania de los Yariguies Mountain Range in Columbia has remained unexplored until fairly recently when, under the auspices of Fundacion ProAves, researchers began a survey focusing mainly on the birdlife in the area. So far, these efforts have yielded two new bird species and a new species of butterfly. The first new bird discovery has been named the Yariguies Brush-Finch, while the latest discovery has been named in honor of conservationist Robert Giles – Scytalopus griseicollis gilesi.

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