British Birdfair 2011

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Promoted as the world’s largest international bird-watching event, Birdfair includes all facets of the birding industry, while supporting global bird conservation. There will be hundreds of stands featuring the latest products for wildlife and birding enthusiasts, with expert advice and sharing of experiences with like-minded people making this an event not to be missed. Visit for more information.

Dates: 19-21 August 2011
Venue: Egleton Nature Reserve, Rutland
Country: England

Rwanda Celebrates its Birdlife at Britain’s National Birdfair

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Visitors to this year’s British Birdfair in Rutland will discover the wonders of Rwanda’s birds, from the Great Blue Turaco to the most sought after Shoebill stork. The Rwanda Development Board/Tourism and Conservation will be showcasing the country named “Land of a Thousand Hills”, from the 21-23 August 2009.

A landlocked central African country, smaller than Belgium, Rwanda is a verdant country of fertile and hilly terrain, home to over 670 species of birds. Though famed for its big game and primates, Rwanda boasts fascinating wildlife that will appeal to all nature-loving tourists. In particular, its unique avian wildlife makes this an ideal destination for bird lovers. It is projected that by 2012, Rwanda will generate 11,000,000 USD from birding.

Described as the birdwatcher’s Glastonbury, Birdfair encompasses the whole spectrum of the birdwatching industry whilst at the same time supporting global bird conservation. With hundreds of stands selling the latest products for wildlife enthusiasts, as well as lectures, quizzes and book-launches, this is the event of the year for bird lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

The various hot spots for birdwatching in Rwanda include Nyungwe, Akagera and Volcanoes National Parks, Cyamudongo Forest, Buhanga Eco-park, Rugezi Swamp, Nyabarongo Wetlands, Akanyaru Wetlands and Lake Kivu Islands. Some of the highlights of Rwanda’s birdlife to be found in the country’s rolling hills, rugged mountains, swamps and lakes include:

  • The elusive Shoebill stork, which has made a home for itself in the wetlands of Akagera National Park in the eastern part of the country – one of the densest concentrations of waterbirds on the continent.
  • The outlandish Great Blue Turaco, a popular highlight of western part of the country.
  • The rare Ring-necked Francolin, that have also made their home in Akagera
  • The not-to-be-missed fish eagles, asserting their status as the avian monarchs of Africa’s waterways
  • African Bird Club describes Nyungwe National Park as the only place in Africa where the Red-collared Mountain Babbler can be seen in safety.
  • If the amazing avian wildlife were not enough, there are also 13 primate species including man’s closest living relative; the chimpanzee.

To raise awareness of the importance of birds, a Birding Association has been set-up, bringing together all bird lovers from both the Government and private sector, working closely with the Tourism Board.

Emmanuel Werabe from the Rwanda Development Board/ Tourism and Conservation commented, “We’re excited to be travelling to the UK to showcase our country’s unique birdlife. Whether you’re a seasoned bird-watcher, an intrepid mountaineer or a curious culture-seeker, there really is something for everyone in Rwanda. This weekend we’re looking forward to meeting birdwatchers that are keen to expand their horizons.”

The Rwanda Development Board/ Tourism and Conservation will be at Stand 20 in Marquee 3 from Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd August.

British Birdwatching Fair

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One of the most exciting events of the year, for bird lovers, is the annual British Birdwatching Fair. Every year thousands of people descend on the fair, taking part in its informative seminars and workshops, or merely to enjoy the breathtaking surroundings of the venue and browse through the hundreds of exhibitor stands. But the most important feature of the British Birdwatching Fair, is the organizations it is able to assist, through its fundraising, and in so doing, saves hundreds of birds each year.

The first British Birdwatching Fair was held in 1989, and over the years it has grown in strength and support, welcoming approximately twenty thousand visitors and accommodating more than three hundred exhibitors at the fair. Entrance fees and projects enable the fair to raise funds for conservation organizations and foundations that do outstanding work locally and internationally, saving bird species from extinction, raising awareness and giving many birds a second chance at life. The fair also supports and showcases businesses in the conservation industry, such as eco-tourism establishments, bird products, books and research, equipment and various other initiatives that enhance the life of birds and wildlife as a whole.

This year, the Birdfair will take place from the 21st to the 23rd of August 2009, at the Egleton Nature Reserve in Rutland. A vast variety of exhibitors have confirmed their presence at the Birdfair this year and range from bird food and accessories stalls, bird specialists, booksellers and tourism agencies; to camera and binoculars experts, photographers, artists and charity organizations. This offers visitors an extensive range of products and information throughout the fair. Facilities include courtesy busses, disabled parking, campsites, toilet facilities, first aid, bicycle parking and mouth watering catering services.

The Birdfair does not only give visitors the opportunity to indulge in their passion for birds and wildlife, but to explore new territory and ideas by speaking with exhibitors, fellow enthusiasts and workshop hosts. Visitors also have the knowledge that just by attending this spectacular bird watching fair, they are aiding the conservation efforts made by the various foundations. Purchase an item at the auction, listen to seminars or just enjoy the festivities and celebration, either way, the Birdfair should not be missed. It is a fair that will entertain and be enjoyed by all, from avid bird watching fanatics to the curious.