Kèköldi Bird Conservation and Monitoring Program

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The Kèköldi Bird Conservation and Monitoring Program is looking for volunteers and a coordinator (requires experience) to join their study site from 1 August to 1 December 2011. The site is at Kèköldi Indigenous Reserve on the Talamanca region of Costa Rica, between Puerto Viejo and Cahuita National Park, Limon Province. The reserve consists of primary and secondary forests, as well as cocoa plantations, with more than 330 bird species, including 19 species of hummingbirds. The program is a long-term and a great opportunity for students who wish to build their resume. Biologists, bird banders and bird watchers can help make a difference to bird conservation through science.

Volunteers should be physically fit and willing to work long hours, maintaining enthusiasm and a sense of humor. They will be required to work in a team and some knowledge of Spanish would be beneficial.

The program offers training on bird identification, constant effort mist-netting, bird banding techniques and so forth. Volunteer duties will include assisting official banders, banding birds, data entry and more.

The volunteer fee is $1300 for the first month and $300 for each additional month. The fee includes all meals, lodging at the scientific center, and training.
For additional information, please contact: Daniel Martinez A. daniel@kekoldicr.org. Cell phone : (506) 8858-2689

Dates: 1 August to 1 December 2011
Location: Kèköldi Indigenous Reserve
Country: Costa Rica

2011 State of the Birds Report

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In the United States there are more than a thousand bird species, and of that number, two hundred and fifty-one species are either of conservation concern or on the endangered list. The release of the 2011 State of the Birds Report did bring some good news to the table in regard to the preservation of these threatened species. It researched a staggering 3.5 million square miles across the ocean and 850 million acres of open areas and public spaces, studying the bird populations and their habitats. Even though many bird species do nest in public spaces, it does not protect them from threats.

According to the 2011 State of Birds Report, the reserves, parks and wildlife refuges that provide protected areas for wildlife are assisting in preventing the decline of numerous species, and keeping them away from endangerment. There are, however, a few points that the report tries to highlight, as public awareness of these facts could help birds in the future.

The report states that the United States’ publicly owned land covers nearly one-third of the land, and includes marine protected areas, wildlife refuges, national forests, state parks and national parks. It also states regarding the habitats of ocean birds, of which there are 173 coastal species and 86 species that are ocean birds, that thirty-nine percent of these species are declining and the ecosystems are greatly stressed. When looking at the aridlands, it was found that thirty-nine species here were of great conservation concern and that approximately seventy-five percent of the species found here were also on the decline. Hawaii was red flagged as an area where birds were at a high risk of extinction and that almost eighty percent of the forest birds depended on state land for their survival. The wetlands have seen an increase in the waterfowl population, while grassland birds are under the most threat as only thirteen percent of their habitat is publically owned and populations are therefore in great danger of declining.

Ken Salazar, Interior Secretary, released a statement to the press in regard to the State of the Birds report, saying that the report assists authorities in knowing if conservation efforts in water and on land are being fulfilled as best as they could. He went on to say that even though the report does show that progress is being made, that there was still a way to go and room for improvement. Salazar acknowledged that due to the birds making use of public land, conservation projects can be intensified and save numerous birds from extinction.

2011 Mono Basin Bird Chautauqua

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The 10th Annual Mono Basin Bird Chautauqua will be an amazing combinations of birds, field trips science, art and music. The mission of this event is to increase understanding and appreication for the bird life of Mono Basin, educating the public with regards the the importance of the area for people and birds. A large number of presenters and leaders have already been confirmed for the event, as well as special guests Dayan Kai and Keith Greeninger.

Date: 17 to 19 June 2011
Location: Lee Vining
State: California
Country: United States of America

Midwest Birding Symposium

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The Midwest Birding Symposium will see scores of bird watchers gathering at Lakeside in Ohio. The event is hosted by the Lakeside Association, Ohio Ornithological Society and Bird Watcher’s Digest. This fantastic birding event will feature a vendor area with nature related producst and services, field trips to top birding spots, programs by leading North American bird watchers and plenty of time to get to know fellow bird watchers. Other highlights will be the Sunset Cruise, Birders’ Exhchange Program, Back To the Wild Exhibit, Songbird Bandin Deomonstration, MBS Big Sit!, Travel Talks and much more. Register now to avoid disappointment!

Date: 15 to 18 September 2011
City: Lakeside
State: Ohio
Country: United States of America

2011 Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival

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The 2011 Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival has the theme “Wild Birds, Wild Places”. The keynote speaker for the event will be Carl Safina. Carl has a doctorate in Ecology from Rutgers University and has been studying the ocean for twenty-five years.

The Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival began in 1993 when a number of Homer residents decided to create an event that would help to educate the public about weblands and shorebirds. Be sure to take part in this fantastic festival.

Date: 5-8 May 2011
Venue: Kachemak Bay
City: Homer
State: Alaska
Country: United States of America

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