Caring for a Lost Bird

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The most terrifying experience for a bird owner is to have their beloved pet bird escape and fly away. Fears for their well-being and safety are overwhelming. Equally difficult to deal with is finding a lost bird in your garden and not knowing how to care for it until alternative arrangements can be made, or the original owners can be found. Not everyone has a spare bird cage lying around the house, and if the bird was able to make it to its new destination, the chances of him flying off again are pretty good.

Lost birds are often found near homes as they are scared and confused by their unfamiliar surroundings, and over and above the fear of not knowing how to return home, they are hungry and thirsty. One can almost always lure a pet bird into your home or near enough to place a towel over them for capture with food, water, calling and a lot of patience. Once captured, it is essential to remember the basic needs of a bird and to reduce stress as it can be fatal. Trying to touch the bird or befriend it can cause an aggressive reaction, which is due to the stress of a new environment and fear.

It is suggested that a lost bird be placed in a small bathroom or unused room, without a lot of noise and disturbance, where it is able to relax and feel safe. Any room should be made bird friendly, by removing any toxic bottles, closing all toilets and taking away any item that could be damaged by the bird through chewing on it. Birds are also more comfortable if they are perched and with food and water be placed near to where they perched. A backed chair can be useful in this regard. Getting down to a pet shop to get a packet of seeds is recommended, but if that is not an option, fruits, unsalted nuts, vegetables and cooked pasta (without sauce or seasoning) can also be offered. Foods to stay away from, which can cause serious harm to a bird, include onions, alcohol, avocado and chocolate. If a bird is not perching itself or it is suspected that the bird might be injured, the assistance of a veterinarian is strongly advised. The reunion between a grateful owner and lost pet is always worth the effort.

Tampa Exotic Bird Fair 2010

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Exotic bird lovers should not miss out on the opportunity to view a large variety of bird species, or purchase accessories for their pet birds, at the Tampa Exotic Bird Fair 2010. The Egypt Shrine Centre will be hosting this colorful event on 10 January 2010, and will feature a variety of exhibits that include nutritional products, bird cages, bird toys and much, much more.

Free parking will be available, with an entrance fee of $5 for visitors over 10 years of age. For more information in regard to the fair, contact Michael on 727-862-1542.

Date: 10 January 2010
Venue: Egypt Shrine Centre
City: Tampa, Florida
Country: United States of America

Mid-South Exotic Bird Fair 2009

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Exotic bird breeders and avian experts will be attending the Mid-South Exotic Bird Fair in Memphis, on 28 and 29 November 2009. A host of exotic birds will be on display, and visitors to the bird fair will be able to ask for advice and gain knowledge in regard to the care and nutrition of these wonderful birds. Visitors will be able to purchase nutritional products, toys, bird cages and exotic birds such as finches, cockatoos, African greys and macaws.

To find out more about the fair and its exhibitors, contact organizers on 901-603-9927 or visit the bird shows website at

Date: 28 – 29 November 2009
Venue: S.W. Tennessee Community College
City: Memphis, Tennessee
Country: United States of America

The Ammerman’s Exotic Yard Sale 2009

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The Ammerman’s have been a trusted name when it comes to cages for exotic birds and furry friends, such as rabbits. To celebrate their love for animals, and to assist owners, they are hosting The Ammerman’s Exotic Yard Sale, which will feature a variety of products, exotic birds and animals. Trade, purchase or sell, related products and bird cages, or order a custom build cage from The Ammermans, at the show. It is a wonderful event for exotic bird owners and first time bird owners will also gain valuable insight into caring for their pet birds.

For more information in regard to the show, or The Ammerman’s, visit their official website at

Date: 29 November 2009
Venue: The Ammerman Family Farm
City: Plant City, Florida
Country: United States of America

Hudson Bird Show 2009

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A variety of exotic birds will be on display on 15 November 2009, at the Hudson Bird Show 2009, starting at 10:00 am and continuing till 4 pm. The Clarion Inn and Conference Center will be hosting the event, and bird lovers will be able to marvel at numerous bird species, or browse the vendor stores to purchase items for their own pet birds, ranging from bird cages to toys and nutritional food.

For more information in regard to the Hudson Bird Show 2009, visit the website at, contact Ron on 216 799 5539 or email

Date: 15 November 2009
Venue: Clarion Inn and Conference Center
City: Hudson, Ohio
Country: United States of America

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