Eagle Fest 2009

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The 12th Annual Eagle Fest, will be hosted by Soar South, which will see the team thrilling spectators with their presentation, from the 7th to the 22nd of November 2009. The Eagle Fest will kick off at the University of Wisconsin, and traveling to various other venues, such as the Midwest Museum of Natural History, the Crane Festival in Birchwood, Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville and the General Coffee State Park.

For specific times and dates for the various venues, visit the Soar South website at http://soarsouth.blogspot.com/2009/10/upcoming-programs-november-2009.html or email s.o.a.r.south@hotmail.com.

Date: 7 November 2009
Venue: Various
City: Various
Country: United States of America

Eclectus Parrot Ownership is Rewarding

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When people look for a pet bird to join their family, most owners want a one that can be affectionate, a great companion and that has the ability to fit into their daily routines. The Eclectus parrot is often overlooked as a pet bird, and owners unknowingly miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a bird that is loving, intelligent and easily manageable, if they know what their basic needs are. This breathtakingly beautiful bird is not demanding at all and is actually one of the best pet parrots on the market today.

The most distinguishing feature of the Eclectus parrot is the fact that they are dimorphic. Dimorphic means that one can distinguish between the males and females just by looking at them. In the case of the Eclectus, it is the vastly different coloring that makes it easy. The male Eclectuses are covered in green plumage with variations of orange, blue and red under their wings. Their beaks are also unusually orange in color. The females are just as attractive as the males, but have bright red plumage covering their heads and neck, with their backs and chest being purple in color and their wings displaying variations of purple and blue underneath. The females have smooth black beaks. Another unique feature is the fact that the Eclectus parrot has hair-like feathers on their heads, back and chest, opposed to the smooth, locked and contoured feathers on their wings and tails.

As pets, owners will find their Eclectus parrot to be extremely gentle and fond of interaction, even though they will never demand it. They are able to integrate into the daily routines of their owners quite easily and will sit quietly while daily duties are being performed. Through enough love and care, Eclectus parrots will be able to learn a large vocabulary and their inquisitiveness makes them quick learners. They are highly intelligent birds and will quickly notice small changes in their environment. The Eclectus species is generally a healthy bird with a life span of approximately fifty years. They have simple dietary needs of fruit and seeds and enjoy changes made in their food, such as grapes one day and maybe apples the next. Owners will not regret adding an Eclectus parrot to their family, as their gentle and friendly natures make them a pet family and friends can enjoy.

Falcon Ridge Birds of Prey Show

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The Falcon Ridge Birds of Prey display centre, thrills visitors every morning, with a thrilling show, that highlights the intelligence, speed and unmatched power of these magnificent birds. Included into the show is an interesting talk on the history of Falconry and visitors will also learn how these predators of the sky use their mighty wings, powerful beaks and razor sharp claws.

Children are to be accompanied by adults, as some of these majestic birds are capable of attacking a small deer. For more information regarding the show and its schedule, contact Falcon Ridge show organizers directly on 082 774 6398.

Date: Every Day except Fridays
Venue: Falcon Ridge
City: Champagne Valley, Drakensburg
Country: South Africa

Sugarcreek Bird Fair 2009

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The Sugarcreek Bird Farm specializes in the breeding, selling and care of exotic birds of all shapes and sizes. Not only can they assist in helping new owners choose the right bird for their lifestyle, but provide invaluable information on how to give your bird the best care. A few times a year, Sugarcreek hosts exciting bird events and fairs, that see breeders from all over the country bring their birds to showcase and on 15 November 2009, the Sugarcreek Bird Fair will again be an event of color and exotic splendor.

For more information in regard to the show, contact Sugarcreek Bird Farm directly on 937-848-4819, or visit their website at http://www.sugarcreekbirdfarm.com/default.asp.

Date: 15 November 2009
Venue: Sugarcreek Bird Farm
City: Bellbrook, Ohio
Country: United States of America

Chester County Bird Show 2009

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There will be fun and excitement at the 21st Annual Chester County Bird Show and Mart, on the 31st of October 2009, from 10am to 5pm. Not only will there be birds of all colors and sizes on display, but special arrangements have been made for children, such as Halloween candy at the vendors’ stalls. Bird owners will also be able to purchase a variety of bird related items from the show, as vendors will be showcasing everything from toys to cages.

For more information in regard to the Chester County Bird Show, visit the official website at http://www.ccbirdclub.com/index_files/2009ShowPage/index.htm

Date: 31 October 2009
Venue: School at Church Farm
City: Exton
Country: United States of America

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