Saikat Kumar Basu

Saikat Kumar Basu

Saikat Kumar Basu did his Masters in Botany (Specialization: Microbiology) from the University of Calcutta (India) and in Agricultural Studies from the University of Lethbridge (Canada).

Currently he is finishing his doctoral studies in Biomolecular Sciences at the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Lethbridge.

Saikat received the Graduate Citizenship Award (2009), Alberta Graduate Student Award (2009), CSA Best Article Award (2010), SAEA Volunteer Award (2011), AFC Celebrate Agriculture in Alberta Photo Award (2012) and ASPB Peggy Thompson Publication Award (2014).

His practice areas include Bioengineering and Cell Biology.

Saikat enjoys traveling, soccer, cricket and photography during his leisure time.

Articles by Saikat Kumar Basu:

Interesting Behavior of Black-billed Magpie – Part 1

Interesting Behavior of Black-billed Magpie – Part 2

Canada Geese: An International Symbol of Nature

Irrigation Canals: Important nesting sites for wild aquatic birds

The Sunderbans: A fragile ecosystem with vulnerable avifauna

Climate Change: Impending dangers, debates, conflicts and negative impacts on global avifauna

Urgent Need for Conservation of Avifauna and Wildlife Species Across the Globe

Bird Conservation: Education and Awareness

The Noisy and Colorful Parakeets from the Indian Sub-continent

Canada goose: Advocacy for the National Bird Project, Canada

Co-Authored with Rahul Ray:

The Chupi Wetland: A Biodiversity Hotspot from West Bengal, Eastern India

The Majestic Blue Peafowl

The Fading of House Sparrow from Kolkata, India

Myna: A widely diverse species from the Indian subcontinent

Co-Authored with Peiman Zandi:

Avian Parks and Gardens are Important Conservation and Education Tools: A Case Study from Iran



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